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How to Reduce the Pollution of Superfine Slag Powder Making Line?

In recent years, with the progress in science and technology in our country, our manufacturing level of powder making machine is stepping forward constantly. Superfine slag powder making line as a full set of powder production line, has been widely applied in various fields. Even though it has possessed more advanced techniques, there remain some problems during the production course. Next, let's discuss how to solve these problems together.

Superfine Slag Powder Making Line

1. The rolling bearing. Replace the roller copper sleeve.

In the production process of superfine slag powder making line, if the fuel oil is destroyed or excessive, it may cause pollution to the powder. At this time, we should replace the roller copper sleeve, which can not only reduce the consumption of electric energy, but also improve the economic benefits. Besides, it can also reduce material leakage during the grinding process.

2. Change the differential line driver.

Changing the differential line driver can decrease environmental pollution and noise, promote the running speed and accuracy and improve the transportation condition of the chain transmission toothed belt, contributing to keeping the superfine slag powder making line clean and convenient for maintenance.

3. Increase the grinding roller speed appropriately.

We can adjust the running speed of the grinding roller just by changing belt pulley of the electric motor. Increasing the grinding roller speed can significantly reduce production cost and thus improve users’ economic benefits.

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